Be Passionate

This. There is no other way to say it. You have to be passionate about what you are promoting. If you don’t have passion you will not do a good job and your client will suffer.

How To Find Your Passionunnamed

I have never worked somewhere I wasn’t passionate about. Therefore, I have loved every job I have had and I couldn’t imagine having it any other way.

There are so many ways to find your passion in a client. Sometimes you have to work harder to find it but if a little bit of it exists you can find it.

If you aren’t remotely passionate about any part of the job and don’t see yourself trying to find something in it to be passionate about, don’t do it.


Look For the Things You Love

When you are looking for a client, you must ask yourself if you can fall in love with at


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least two aspects of what you will represent. If you can find a way to love at least two things, you can find your passion in there.


There are so many different things you can fall in love with when representing a client. You can fall in love with…

  • The people you work with
  • The genre you are representing 
  • What your client stands for
  • What avenues of life this client will lead you to
  • The new challenges
  • The different walks of life you will meet

The list could go on. If you can find at least two of those things to put your heart into the love will spread and your passion will shine. If you can’t find two things to fall in love with and don’t want to try to love it, don’t do it. You will not succeed if you take on a job you don’t want to even try to love.

Find It Through Your Work

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay passionate about a client or you are put in a position where you have to represent something you don’t love. In that case, be passionate about the work you are doing for your client. Put your heart and soul into everything you do so you can be proud of your work. If you have something to be proud about, you have something to be passionate about.

Never Forget

To be successful you must be passionate. Sometimes your passion is buried down deep and disguised, but you can always find it. Every client wants their promoter to live and breathe what they represent. If you don’t even try to find a passion in what you do, your work will show it and you will get fired.

Quote of the Post

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”

-Jon Bon Jovi



Be Versatile

Wear Many Hats


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As a promoter, the essence of your job is to help your client succeed. It even says it in the job description. Sometimes it takes more than just doing your job description to make that happen. You need to be versatile to be the most helpful you can be.

How I Started

When I first started working at the restaurant, I technically was only an event planner. For the first week or so that’s all I did. I didn’t help design posts or fliers, I didn’t offer to stay later to help close up, I just focused on my job. I then realized I could do many different things to help the restaurant succeed.

A Quick Guideline

There is, though, a difference between being versatile and getting in the way. I’ll give you a guideline on how to be as versatile as possible without going overboard.

Be a Yes Man

When anyone needs help with something, always say yes or volunteer. The best part of constantly saying yes is all of the new experiences and friendships you’ll make.



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Saying yes sometimes can lead you to something you would have never done otherwise.
One night I was a stand in DJ for about 10 minutes (I will for sure keep my day job). The next night I was a bouncer (I am 5’3″).

Other times saying yes means doing not so fun things like moving furniture or even doing dishes sometimes. From those boring tasks, though, I have made some great friendships and weird memories. In the middle of moving the patio furniture, the staff decided to start an air hockey tournament. I dominated that tournament.

Always Ask If You Can Help

People won’t always want or think to ask for your help. Sometimes you have to offer instead of wait. Just like being a Yes Man, this can lead to some amazing experiences.

Don’t Try to Do Somebody Else’s Job


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There are many hats you can wear as a promoter. There are also some hats that don’t fit. I do not step into the kitchen to help, I would get in their way and make everything slower. I
don’t get behind the bar to serve drinks because again I would get in the way. Know when you will be helpful and when you will get in the way.

The Take-Away

You want your client to be successful, so you have to put in some extra work sometimes. Beyond my guideline, this article lists 10 more ways to be versatile. When you show people you are versatile and ready to work, you will become more attractive to potential clients. I am currently applying for internships and multiple articles have emphasized versatility. Here is a link to my favorite one going in depth on the importance of versatility. You might get out of your comfort zone or have to learn a new skill quickly, but you will have the best damn time of your life doing so.

Quote of the Post

“Life is like being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life” – Ray Lewis



Be Organized

Must, Must, Must!

I can not stress enough how important organization is. Organization will keep you afloat in
this fast paced business I talked about in my “Be Fast” post.  You are constantly booking events, contacting people, and posting. There will be too many dates, people, and problems to keep track of without a system that works for you.

I Screwed Up


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I double-booked the restaurant because I let one thing slip through the cracks. I booked a fraternity bar tab the same night I booked an event for a sports team. I only wrote the bar tab date in my notebook, not in my agenda as well.

Because of that mistake, I had to reschedule one of the events. It all turned out fine but it could have gone much much worse. Since then, I have uped my organizing game big time.

How I Stay Organized

Multiple Calendars

I don’t know where I would be without all of my calendars. These babies save my life and of course, lets me know what day it is.

My first line of defense is my monthly calendars in my agenda


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a, that is my main source of information. It goes with me everywhere so I can access it at any time. As soon as I book anything or a client mentions a date they are interested in, it gets written down in the agenda first. I use the Erin Condren life planner and am absolutely obsessed with it.


My second line of defense is my whiteboard wall calendar in my room. Every Sunday I fill it up with what I put in my agenda that week. Of course, it is color coded, because it helps sort out your life (and it’s really pretty). A whiteboard calendar or big wall calendar is really helpful in neatly showing you the big picture (literally). You can take a step back and see everything mesh, which can be hard to do with a small agenda. I strongly suggest getting your own whiteboard wall calendar.

My third and final calendar is an online calendar shared between me and my boss. I am more of a pen and paper type of gal when it comes to planning, but having a shared online calendar is necessary. My boss needs to be able to constantly look at what I am booking just in case he as well books something. This calendar helps the business run smoothly on our end.

Daily Schedule

My agenda, along with the monthly calendars, is a daily planner. This helps you plan your day out and reminds you what you need to do, especially if you easily forget things a lot, like me. You are also more likely to get a task done if you write it down.

My Notebook

I have one notebook for all my ideas and notes for each client


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and social media platform.
When brainstorming it helps to write all ideas down to see your
train of thought. Also, every event and client is different, so you must have a way to look back on exactly what they asked for. Plus it’s nice for doodling.


Just In Case You Skipped to the End

You need to be organized. No ifs, ands, or buts. Find a system that works for you and stick to it.

Quote of the Post

“Being organized is being in control.” – Anonyms

Be a Problem Solver

It’s What is Expected of Us

Solving problems that your client or boss run into is a big part of your job. No, it’s technically not in the official job description, but it comes up frequently.

Nothing to Be Scared of


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Sometimes people hear the word problem solving and think it’s some hard skill only some people possess. That’s just not true at all, we are problem-solving all day. You are already so good at it that you do it unconsciously. All you need to do is start with a passion for the problem. If you need help finding your passion read my post, “Be Passionate.”Finding your passion for the problem and the right technique to solve it, will give you successful results. Scotte Bales goes more in depth on this in his blog post “Passionate Problem Solving.”

Techniques I Use to Solve Problems

Every problem is different, so it is best to explore different techniques for different problems to learn what works best for you and the problem at hand.

The List Technique

The Problem

My restaurant has recently lost a good portion of the lunch crowd


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during the Winter. The owner asked me to find a way to bring more people in during the day.


The Approach

In my opinion, this problem had a lot of moving parts so I thought writing things down and making multiple lists would help me see a connection we were missing.

I made a list of all of the following things:

  • Why people, in general, come eat lunch at a certain restaurant.
  • Our usual target audience and what they value.
  • Reasons why we might have lost some of our lunch crowd
  • The next list was a little complicated. I broke down some of the reasons I came up with. For example, one of the possible reasons we lost business was it was cold outside so I made a list of why people want to stay inside.
  • The last list was how to solve the broken down reasons. For example, on my last list section, I addressed why people want to stay inside. One of the reasons on there was warmth, so I thought incorporating hot drinks on our lunch menu would be a solution.

I know it got a little complicated towards the end but basically, you are starting with a very general list and then get more and more specific until you reach concrete solutions. This is the most intensive approach but also my favorite because I’m just a sucker for a good list.

Looking at Things Differently

The Problem

The weekend nights are our most profitable window for obvious reasons. We recently ran into a problem of too many people near the bar making it crowded even though we had all
of this other space.

The Approach

This technique is pretty self-explanatory. For a while, I thought the issue was we just had


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too many people trying to get a drink at once, which is partially true. Once I took a step back and looked at every different section separately instead of one big space, I realized the
DJ was causing all of our problems. We now set up the DJ at a slightly different angle and moved a little bit over. The difference is like night and day.


Everyone Is Different

If none of my techniques are for you, there is some great advice online. I found this great website that describes 7 different techniques to solve a problem.

What to Remember

The idea of people relying on you to solve their problems can be a bit scary sometimes. That’s ok though. Just remember you are a natural born problem solver. You can do this!

Quote of the Post

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”- Albert Einstein

Be Fast

No One Likes to Wait



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When a boss or client asks for something to be done, they want it done yesterday. Nobody likes to wait to get their moneys worth back, that’s why amazon prime’s two- day shipping is so popular. I was reading this article the other day, it explained the importance of entrepreneurs being impatient. I never thought of it as a necessity, but reading it helped me understand their sense of urgency. It also reinforced that to be a successful promoter, you must be fast acting and produce fast results.



From the Far Right Lane to the Fast Lane

When I started working, I was driving in the far right lane with your grandma when I needed to be in the fast lane to keep up. As I said earlier, people are impatient especially when they are paying you to produce results.


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Driving with the Grandmas

Near the beginning of my career (a whole 3 weeks ago), I had a meeting with my boss discussing our plans to revamp our lunch and dinner services. I told him I would make a flyer to promote it, and then I said I could give it to him by next week. He then laughed for a good ten seconds. He didn’t mean to be rude, but couldn’t imagine waiting a week for a flyer. I ended up giving him the flyer in about two days, which was still too long. I like to do these 15 things to amp my productivity up on my slow days.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians Business Life

It is a rude wake-up call when you get thrown into the fast lane, but you will catch up very quickly if you make the conscious decision to do so. When I was playing catch up, I found this article on how to make it in a fast-paced work environment.

At the beginning, I thought it would take me about a week to work on a flier. Now, when we are really busy I will make on average two designs for social media or fliers every night.

I am lucky, my boss will sit down and mentor me after almost every meeting. He reminds me that, “When you aren’t working, somebody else is.” I have lost a client before because I put off texting them till the next day, they booked with somebody else. I now respond almost immediately to any client.

Bottom Line

Bottum line is you must produce fast results. Everything you do must be immediate and good quality work. In my long career of almost a month, I have seen three people get fired. My old partner, I talked about in my first post, “Be Proactive,” and another girl who wanted to design for the bar. She would take too long to design anything and wanted to charge extra for “giving her late notice,” of only three days. I took over her job, not necessarily because I was better but because I could still produce good quality results in a short amount of time.

Quote of the Post

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln

Be Proactive.

Now that we got through the boring prologue of talking about my failures, we can get to the good part, reliving my journey of figuring things out through mistakes.

I Thought I Was Living in a Fantasy World


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The most notable skill necessary in promoting, or really in anything in life, is proactivity. When I first thought of asking for my job, I was in my cute little fantasy world. I thought I would have to book events and think of new promotions, but I thought I would only need to do that for major events like St. Patricks day. I was wrong.  

Seeking Out Clients

Unfortunately, people don’t just come to you asking to do business. You have to seek out potential clients. You have to tell them that they want to host an event there. You have to convince them your food or cocktails or whatever you are promoting is exactly what this potential client has been looking for.

This is something I stumbled upon when I first started to approach clients. It is a great rough outline on how to convince people to do business with you. I found it helpful while trying to book my first few clients.

Luckily it only took me a hot second to realize people don’t just magically appear at your doorstep wanting to give you money. Unluckily a hot second in business is too long to be stagnant. That was my first mistake, but it was also my first lesson (first of many) to becoming a better promoter.

Lesson Learned

After my hot second in fantasy business land, I hustled my butt off to make up for lost


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time. I was constantly texting people I knew in organizations to get in touch with. I was scheduling meetings in between my classes. I wanted to talk to as many people as possible to bring in any business I could.

Within a few days, I booked my first event (YAY). Don’t worry though, with my first event also came a lot more of those “lessons” I was talking about earlier.


The Harsh Truth

The cold hard truth of this lesson is if you aren’t proactive in this field, or really in most fields, you will get fired. That’s it. You are done. I was able to learn from my mistake, but my partner never learned.

I started working as a promoter about two weeks after my partner, who was hired to run social media and help improve the bar overall. He was not proactive, he did not hustle, and


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he loved excuses. Within a week, I found myself taking over his responsibilities because I essentially was hired to help the bar succeed and I was going to do just that. Within my third week, he was fired.


There is no room for people who aren’t proactive. I encourage you to read this article about an employer hiring people. Start being proactive in your everyday personal life, your professional life will benefit.

I found a how-to type article on how to live a proactive life. Even if you already consider yourself proactive, it’s nice to find more tips or even just remind yourself of what you could be doing.

Quote of the Post

“The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it.” – Stephen Covey

Let’s Start from the Beginning

I was recently hired as a promoter for my favorite bar on campus. There was no job opening or ad in the paper for this job, I just wanted it so I created it.

I have absolutely no experience or background in either promoting. I love the challenge of figuring this job out as I go along, but I am sure, like all new experiences, I will mess up and checkered-307567_960_720fail but that’s ok. My potential failures inspired me to start this blog for other people in my situation so they can learn from my inexperience.

Each post I write will be centered around one different quality I found necessary in succeeding in the business of promoting. I wish you luck on your journey as your read about mine.