Be Proactive.

Now that we got through the boring prologue of talking about my failures, we can get to the good part, reliving my journey of figuring things out through mistakes.

I Thought I Was Living in a Fantasy World


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The most notable skill necessary in promoting, or really in anything in life, is proactivity. When I first thought of asking for my job, I was in my cute little fantasy world. I thought I would have to book events and think of new promotions, but I thought I would only need to do that for major events like St. Patricks day. I was wrong.  

Seeking Out Clients

Unfortunately, people don’t just come to you asking to do business. You have to seek out potential clients. You have to tell them that they want to host an event there. You have to convince them your food or cocktails or whatever you are promoting is exactly what this potential client has been looking for.

This is something I stumbled upon when I first started to approach clients. It is a great rough outline on how to convince people to do business with you. I found it helpful while trying to book my first few clients.

Luckily it only took me a hot second to realize people don’t just magically appear at your doorstep wanting to give you money. Unluckily a hot second in business is too long to be stagnant. That was my first mistake, but it was also my first lesson (first of many) to becoming a better promoter.

Lesson Learned

After my hot second in fantasy business land, I hustled my butt off to make up for lost


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time. I was constantly texting people I knew in organizations to get in touch with. I was scheduling meetings in between my classes. I wanted to talk to as many people as possible to bring in any business I could.

Within a few days, I booked my first event (YAY). Don’t worry though, with my first event also came a lot more of those “lessons” I was talking about earlier.


The Harsh Truth

The cold hard truth of this lesson is if you aren’t proactive in this field, or really in most fields, you will get fired. That’s it. You are done. I was able to learn from my mistake, but my partner never learned.

I started working as a promoter about two weeks after my partner, who was hired to run social media and help improve the bar overall. He was not proactive, he did not hustle, and


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he loved excuses. Within a week, I found myself taking over his responsibilities because I essentially was hired to help the bar succeed and I was going to do just that. Within my third week, he was fired.


There is no room for people who aren’t proactive. I encourage you to read this article about an employer hiring people. Start being proactive in your everyday personal life, your professional life will benefit.

I found a how-to type article on how to live a proactive life. Even if you already consider yourself proactive, it’s nice to find more tips or even just remind yourself of what you could be doing.

Quote of the Post

“The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it.” – Stephen Covey


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