Be Organized

Must, Must, Must!

I can not stress enough how important organization is. Organization will keep you afloat in
this fast paced business I talked about in my “Be Fast” post.  You are constantly booking events, contacting people, and posting. There will be too many dates, people, and problems to keep track of without a system that works for you.

I Screwed Up


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I double-booked the restaurant because I let one thing slip through the cracks. I booked a fraternity bar tab the same night I booked an event for a sports team. I only wrote the bar tab date in my notebook, not in my agenda as well.

Because of that mistake, I had to reschedule one of the events. It all turned out fine but it could have gone much much worse. Since then, I have uped my organizing game big time.

How I Stay Organized

Multiple Calendars

I don’t know where I would be without all of my calendars. These babies save my life and of course, lets me know what day it is.

My first line of defense is my monthly calendars in my agenda


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a, that is my main source of information. It goes with me everywhere so I can access it at any time. As soon as I book anything or a client mentions a date they are interested in, it gets written down in the agenda first. I use the Erin Condren life planner and am absolutely obsessed with it.


My second line of defense is my whiteboard wall calendar in my room. Every Sunday I fill it up with what I put in my agenda that week. Of course, it is color coded, because it helps sort out your life (and it’s really pretty). A whiteboard calendar or big wall calendar is really helpful in neatly showing you the big picture (literally). You can take a step back and see everything mesh, which can be hard to do with a small agenda. I strongly suggest getting your own whiteboard wall calendar.

My third and final calendar is an online calendar shared between me and my boss. I am more of a pen and paper type of gal when it comes to planning, but having a shared online calendar is necessary. My boss needs to be able to constantly look at what I am booking just in case he as well books something. This calendar helps the business run smoothly on our end.

Daily Schedule

My agenda, along with the monthly calendars, is a daily planner. This helps you plan your day out and reminds you what you need to do, especially if you easily forget things a lot, like me. You are also more likely to get a task done if you write it down.

My Notebook

I have one notebook for all my ideas and notes for each client


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and social media platform.
When brainstorming it helps to write all ideas down to see your
train of thought. Also, every event and client is different, so you must have a way to look back on exactly what they asked for. Plus it’s nice for doodling.


Just In Case You Skipped to the End

You need to be organized. No ifs, ands, or buts. Find a system that works for you and stick to it.

Quote of the Post

“Being organized is being in control.” – Anonyms


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