Be Versatile

Wear Many Hats


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As a promoter, the essence of your job is to help your client succeed. It even says it in the job description. Sometimes it takes more than just doing your job description to make that happen. You need to be versatile to be the most helpful you can be.

How I Started

When I first started working at the restaurant, I technically was only an event planner. For the first week or so that’s all I did. I didn’t help design posts or fliers, I didn’t offer to stay later to help close up, I just focused on my job. I then realized I could do many different things to help the restaurant succeed.

A Quick Guideline

There is, though, a difference between being versatile and getting in the way. I’ll give you a guideline on how to be as versatile as possible without going overboard.

Be a Yes Man

When anyone needs help with something, always say yes or volunteer. The best part of constantly saying yes is all of the new experiences and friendships you’ll make.



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Saying yes sometimes can lead you to something you would have never done otherwise.
One night I was a stand in DJ for about 10 minutes (I will for sure keep my day job). The next night I was a bouncer (I am 5’3″).

Other times saying yes means doing not so fun things like moving furniture or even doing dishes sometimes. From those boring tasks, though, I have made some great friendships and weird memories. In the middle of moving the patio furniture, the staff decided to start an air hockey tournament. I dominated that tournament.

Always Ask If You Can Help

People won’t always want or think to ask for your help. Sometimes you have to offer instead of wait. Just like being a Yes Man, this can lead to some amazing experiences.

Don’t Try to Do Somebody Else’s Job


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There are many hats you can wear as a promoter. There are also some hats that don’t fit. I do not step into the kitchen to help, I would get in their way and make everything slower. I
don’t get behind the bar to serve drinks because again I would get in the way. Know when you will be helpful and when you will get in the way.

The Take-Away

You want your client to be successful, so you have to put in some extra work sometimes. Beyond my guideline, this article lists 10 more ways to be versatile. When you show people you are versatile and ready to work, you will become more attractive to potential clients. I am currently applying for internships and multiple articles have emphasized versatility. Here is a link to my favorite one going in depth on the importance of versatility. You might get out of your comfort zone or have to learn a new skill quickly, but you will have the best damn time of your life doing so.

Quote of the Post

“Life is like being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life” – Ray Lewis




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